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Al Quran PDF, to Facilitate a Muslim to Read Everyday

Al Quran PDF, to Facilitate a Muslim to Read Everyday

Al Quran PDF, to Facilitate a Muslim to Read Everyday
 Al Quran PDF, to Facilitate a Muslim to Read Everyday 

The Qur'an PDF

Muslims have a handle on life, true and original namely the Qur'an. Al-Qur'an could not be challenged again is really the miracle that is lowered to a special Prophet that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam.  Al-Quran is the first time there with the Qur'an that now is still the same no change because behind it there are The Guards not carelessly Guard that Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala.

Read kalam Illahi will make the heart grow happy. Happiness is actually because in it a lot of stories can be read and learned for the entire Muslim world, of course.

The Qur'an PDF

The writing of the Qur'an and its development

Writing the verses of the Qur'an done and resolved at the time of the prophet Muhammad who was an Arab, the Accountability of the contents of the Qur'an is God because the purity and authenticity of the Qur'an are guaranteed by God. Meanwhile, some commentators argue that the transformation of the Qur'an into the current text is not resolved at the time of the prophet Muhammad, but rather the process of the preparation of the Qur'an took place in the long term since the time of The Rashidun caliph to the caliph Uthman ibn Affan.

The Time Of The Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam

The Qur'an explains itself that the contents of the Qur'an are a clue. The Qur'an explains that this book is a "differentiator" (al-furqān), "mother's book" (umm al-kitāb), "the guide" (Huda), "the wisdom" (hikmah), "the reminder" (Zikr), and "the revelation" (tanzīl; something sent down, signifying an object derived from a higher place to lower place).

According to the history of the commentators, when the Prophet Muhammad was still alive, there are some people who are appointed to write the Qur'an i.e. Zaid bin Thabit, ' Ali bin Abi Talib, Mu'awiya ibn Abu Sufyan and Ubay bin Kaab. Friends also often write down the revelation, though not commanded. The Media of writing is used when it is in the form of date palm leaf, stone slab, palm leaves, bark or leaves of the wood, the saddle, the pieces of the bones of the beast. In addition, many are also companions who instantly memorize the verses of the Qur'an after the revelation.

Now many emerging forms of Al Quran Digital/Electronic, it seems like the easier grasping/bring the Qur'an anywhere. The most popular is a Digital AlQuran in PDF format (Portable Document Format). 

So to be able to read it needed a software PDF. This Software is popular and free both for PC/Laptop or HP.

Al Quran PDF below can be run on a PC/Laptop and Mobile.  To run it copy results download to PC hard drive or HP. Quran PDF is only in the form of a written Arabic course there is no translation.  

For which there was no translation will be posted in the next post. There are a number of rows in the Al Quran PDF, namely, 9 lines, 13 rows, 15 rows, 16 rows, 18 rows, and 21 rows (To the Qur'an, which is widely used as a Qur'an memorization is that amounted to 15 lines).

The Qur'an PDF


 Surah Fussilat: 44

Surah Al-Hijr: 97, Luqman: 23, Muhammad: 2-3, Furqan: 30-31, Al-'Ankabut: 48-49, Al-A'raf: 2

Surah Al-Qiyamah: 16-19

Surah Ar-Ra'd: 19, Hud: 1, Al-Hijr: 1, Az-Zumar: 1, Ghaafir: 2, Al-Ahqaf: 2, Al-Hijr: 9

Tabatabai, Sayyid M. H. (1987). The Qur'an in Islam: its impact and influence on the life of Muslims. Zahra Publ. ISBN 0710302665.

Surah An-Nahl: 103, Al-Qalam: 35-40

Leaman, Oliver (2006). The Qur'an: an Encyclopedia. New York, NY: Routledge. ISBN 0-415-32639-7.

Aslan, Reza (20 November 2008). "How To Read the Quran". Slate. Retrieved 25 February 2017.

Haris, Tawalinuddin (2017). "Al-qur'an dan Terjemahnya Bahasa Sasak: Some Notes". SCROLLS the Journal Studies the Qur'an and Culture. 1. Jakarta: Standing Pentahihan Mushaf Al-Qur'an (10): 211-226. ISSN 1979-6544. Archived from the original on 2017-11-07. Retrieved 2017-11-07.

Ismail al-Faruqi to The Cultural Atlas of Islam (Atlas of Islamic Culture) explains, "not maybe someone can understand the verses of the Koran without knowing the causes of the descent of the verses of the Koran, it is impossible to understand a passage without knowing the background and historical context of the verse, when the decline, and how the circumstances of that time.”


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Boarding School in Malang, the Following Boarding School Options

Boarding School
source picture

Boarding School in Malang

Boarding School

What's a boarding school? If not yet, let's read the following article until the end. Today many parents are not only concerned with the academic education of his only son but also moral.

Education and morals are both very important in the life of the community. The reality is then make a boarding school or boarding school become so in demand.

Many parents enroll her here. For those of you who are still curious about the school's boarding school, let's see the explanation below.

Boarding School
Source picture

Boarding School in Malang

Boarding School

Oxford Dictionary are explanations about it. Boarding school is a school where pupils live during the term.

When translated to English, it can be said as a boarding school at once educational institutions, students who study and live together for the learning activities take place. This meaning can be expanded to students in an educational institution that will not only learning, but rather reside in the institution.

Boarding school is an education system that provide shelter in the form of a dormitory for students. So here you will be living, studying and performing various kinds of activities in the institution/place.

The system used by this school allows the occurrence of the interaction and communication between you and the teacher. This is what will make your abilities more developed, such as cognitive ability and psychomotor.

Boarding School
Source Picture

Boarding School in Malang

The goal of Boarding School

1 – Quality Education

You will obtain a quality education and integrates the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and life skills. In addition you will acquire an education system that is more effective, pleasant, and competitive with other schools. Guaranteed you will be a superior generation.

2 – Guests

The school with the boarding school system certainly has better facilities. This facility can be used as a tool supporting you to excel. Hours of study will also be more, so that you have enough time to learn and explore a wide variety of subjects that exist.

3 – Intensive Guidance

Here you will also get the guidance and help of learning more intensive than teachers when experiencing learning difficulties. Teachers will also minimize and fortify you from negative influences that exist in the outside.

4 – Train Social Skills

Perform a variety of daily activities together will create harmony and kinship become more powerful. This will make you have social skills that are better than students in a regular school. And you could imagine so thrill when doing different activities with friends.

Boarding School
Source picture

Boarding School in Malang

The goal of Boarding School

1.     SMA Islam Sabilillah Malang Boarding School Malang

SMA Islam Sabilillah Malang Boarding School is present in the middle of the swift currents of globalization and the changes of the times as a school-based islamic character and boarding schools. Provide the service of Islamic education through the programs of character education as the main foundation to produce learners who are committed to islam, nationalism, and kecendikiaan.

Boarding School comes through ma'had Sabilillah Malang integrated to facilitate the strengthening of spiritual maturity as a counterweight to the insights of science and softkill to be a provision in print the islamic leaders of the future.

SMA Islam Sabilillah Malang Boarding School is equipped with various facilities that are strong enough to support the learning activities of students, parenting or coaching students:

1.     Building learning consists of 2 buildings, the building of learning of the son and of the learning hall princess consists of 3 floors

2.     Learning spaces are equipped with Wifi and LCD

3.     Library/E-Library representative

4.     Laboratory Of The Qur'an

5.     Laboratory Chemical

6.     Biology Laboratory

7.     Physics Laboratory

8.     Computer Lab

9.     Music Room

10. Space Extracurricular

11.Space Olympics

12.  Assembly Hall Of The Parents Of The Students

13. Center For Learning Resources (Learning Resources)

14.  The Gazebo is Learning an outdoor space that is convenient to discuss and learn

15. Building ma'had consists of 2 buildings, the building ma'had son (lil banin), and building ma'had putri (lil banat) that each building consists of 4 floors.

16.Each floor has 10 rooms @ the size of 5m x 6m with a capacity of 6 students each room

17.Each of the rooms there is a 6 bed, wardrobe and study desk

18. Each room is equipped with 2 bathroom and 1 sink.

19.  Field sports supported means of adequate

20.   The mosque which is representative as a place to pray to God ALMIGHTY

21.  Storage space laptop and mobile students

22.  Laundry facilities through the service SISMA Clean

23. Facilities service the daily needs through SISMA mart son and daughter.

24. SISMA Indoor Swimming Pool which consists of 2 rooms with a swimming pool for children and adults

25. The kitchen that is ready to serve the needs of students 3 x every day

26. Dining room Son and Daughter

27. Hall and a cozy living Room

28. Space guardian foster/mushrifs are fused in the building ma'had

29. Home Office Caregivers ma'had Son and Daughter

30. UKS and drugs P3K

31. Security by the security guard on standby 24 hours


Jl. Canal Piranha Over The Phone. 135 Malang, Telp/Fax. 0341 – 400995, email :

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  14. Boarding School in Malang, the Following Boarding School Options

2.     SMA Ar-Rohmah Islamic Boarding School Malang

Using Curriculum is an Integral-Based Monotheism typical Hidayatullah, of course, integrated with the National Curriculum that is accredited by the government (Ministry of education).

The system of education boarding school that is centered on a mosque, a school, and dormitory, and was accompanied and guided asatidzah who live in the same complex.

Ananda feel like at home, guided by his sister and his parents.

Provide a briefing balanced between the Qur'an, the basics of science diniyah and general academic, and language (Indonesian, Arabic, English).

As devotion to educate and prepare the provision of this world and the hereafter..

Classrooms, dormitories, and many other supporting facilities are clean and specifically designed to provide the educational process.

Integrate the inculcation of adab, the formation of the tradition of worship and a cultural learning, personal independence and social maturity, and leadership.

So be children of well-trained and have the provision of complete and powerful in life. Ar-Rohmah Islamic Boarding School is an educational institution that is managed by Yayasan Pendidikan Islam Ar-Rohmah Putri. Don't just educate the students at the high SCHOOL level, Ar-Rohmah Islamic Boarding School in East Java also educate students in JUNIOR high school..

By applying the education-based boarding schools, educational institutions combines aspects of intellectual, life skills, and aspects of mental-spiritual. There are a Total of 3 campuses which consists of Ar-Rohmah Putri IBS, Ar-Rohmah Putri IIBS, and Ar-Rohmah Tahfizh.

Ar-Rohmah is part of the Network of Schools of Integral Hidayatullah with more than 300 branches throughout Indonesia. With full facilities and services provided, the cost in the boarding school featured this more affordable.

Moch. Ferry Dwi Cahyono
Moch. Ferry Dwi Cahyono I'm publisher

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