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Create An Account WordPress Blog, Check Out The Prompts

Create An Account WordPress Blog, Check Out The Prompts

Create An Account WordPress Blog

Writing can be done by anyone, anytime and anywhere. Could even be developed in the direction of professionalism over time when studied as one of the skills. 

The digital can support all activities writing one of them. As for the digital platform which can select a blogging platform free to start writing for a personal blog or to sell online through the website.

Create An Account WordPress Blog

A blog Platform is a place or site that provides a blog account, until such time as this diverse blog platform for free that can be an alternative option for you to create a blog. This blog Platform provides advantages such as convenience, accessibility, and is free when used makers blog.

Now is there some app or platforms that can help to make a blog for free and publish articles? The blog Platform of the famous and most popular is blogger or Blogspot and WordPress.

Create An Account WordPress Blog, Check Out The Prompts

Create An Account WordPress Blog

Well for those of you who are looking for a blogging platform for free with complete features, the following recommendations blogging platform for free that you can use :

1. Blogger / Blogspot

Blog Platform is famous and the most attractive is the Blogger. Here you can create a blog for free. In addition, it can also use domain name professionals themselves to be connected to a Blogspot with the domain provider.

Although it could use a theme that is very limited you could really use blogger for free with the best features to create a simple blog.


If you want to create a simple blog without thinking about flexibility, then you can use the platform By using this platform, you can create a blog quick and free without the cost of hosting and domain.

3. is one of the platforms of writing that you can use for free. Medium was developed by Evan Williams, the former CEO of Twitter and one of the developers of Blogger's, along with Biz Stone.

Since the year 2012 has already been used by many writers to share their writing. An attractive and minimalist make people feel at home for surfing in it.

4. Wix

Wix is a platform that allows you to create a website through the editor drag and drop tools. Wix offers more than 500 templates that you can edit to fine-tune your blog.

Wix lets you build a blog that works in a few minutes. Wix gives you a lot of freedom to express your imagination when creating a website your blog. Wix is a blogging platform that is free, But the free plans have limitations in the management of blogs yes.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the one application that serves to build a career professional that you can use for your blogging needs. That being plus the value of LinkedIn is all use this app most professionals.

To make the posts too easy, just go to your profile and then select “Post”. If you're diligent in sharing on LinkedIn so connections will be increasing.

6. is one of the best platforms when talking about visualization. Image, video, music, all it's really easy to show on your profile Tumblr. is the king of social media to blog because it features “explore” a deeply felt aura of his community.

There are many creative ways that you can do in display Images, videos, music on Tumblr. People can also “Reblog” posts that you create, and then in the end will make followers and fanbase Tumblr blog you're getting more and more famous.

7. Weebly

Weebly offers more than just blogging. Weebly is a website builder that provides the full features. You can choose Weebly this as the Foundation of the Designer that allows you to build a website so that Weebly you can use effectively as a content management system

8. Quora

Quora is an online forum or discussion      

Create An Account WordPress Blog, Check Out The Prompts

Create An Account WordPress Blog

Creating a website in WordPress is fairly easy, especially if you use the right platform. WordPress is not a foreign thing for many people, because it is referred to as CMS or platform making a website most popular in the world. 

The one that makes WordPress the more popular is the ease of use and feature complete. Used not only limited to personal but the company also WordPress as a platform the manufacture of the website. 

However, there is a need to be aware there is a difference between and in the manufacture of the website.  The difference in the two pages is located on the host actual. If using, do not need to spend money on hosting and domain website. 

While gives flexibility and a variety of other facilities that can be owned. The user can determine the storage capacity as needed, install the plugin, AdSense ads and install any theme. 

Create An Account WordPress Blog

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Manage The WordPress Dashboard
  3. Install A WordPress Theme
  4. Install Plugin
  5. Post Article
  6. Create A WordPress Page
  7. Optimization Of WordPress
  8. Setting security WordPress

The explanation companions readers how to create a WordPress blog, follow the explanation may be useful to support writing activities as one of the skills.

Create An Account WordPress Blog


Create An Account WordPress Blog, Check Out The Prompts
Create An Account WordPress Blog, Check Out The Prompts (


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