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Mebel Furniture Review, Anja Furniture Best Quality

Mebel Furniture Review, Anja Furniture Best Quality

Mebel Furniture Review, Anja Furniture Best Quality
Mebel Furniture Review, Anja Furniture Best Quality (

Company Name





RT.42/RW.08, Bawu IV, Bawu, Kec. Batealit, Kabupaten Jepara, Jawa Tengah 59461



RT.42/RW.08, Bawu IV, Bawu, Kec. Batealit, Kabupaten Jepara, Jawa Tengah 59461






(+62291) 426 0644



Main Business


Manufacturer and Exporter

Main Product


Teak Outdoor Furniture & Mahogany Indoor Furniture

Raw Material


Solid Teak Wood 



Export quality with 100% Guarantee

Main Market



Production Capacity


10 x 40 Feet Container

Lead Time Production


50 days ( next delivery a week for contract order regular )

Packing System


Carton Box and Wrapping paper single face


NATURE LIVING – Furniture Jepara, is one of the best furniture companies in Jepara. Jepara Furniture furniture company. You can get this type of furniture with various choices with elegant and modern custom designs.


Material with Best Quality

Customer satisfaction is the hallmark of Anja Furniture Living. The material used is the best material there is. Better than wood, paint, or knick-knacks there. For experts, We use workers who have many years of experience.

 The wood that We use is fairly hard and strong. So it can be durable and long-lasting. Some types of wood are used, among others, teak. Teak wood is the number 1 in Indonesia. The quality of this wood is certainly unquestionable.

 Resources To Get Materials

From which the wood was obtained? Many agencies supplied the material for Us. All the suppliers certainly are plant officials and have the ownership entity. Here are some resources that We use:

 1. From The Estate Of The Government (Perhutani)

Buy the ingredients from the government of course will increase the revenue of the state. Plantation the government has a good quality. Because with the maximum care and the management of the mature.

 2. Private Estates

We also use the services of some providers of raw materials from the private sector. This is because sometimes the material needs less fulfilled. The quality of the selected course is not messing around. Proven durability.

 3. Plantation Farmers

 Buy from farmers improve their economy. A lot of growers plant gardens with quality wood. The wood has been planted for decades. The level of hardness and durability is also assured.

 How The Criteria Of The Quality Of The Material Of Our Furniture?

Quality is the most important thing We provide. Moreover, the problem of the material. Anja Furniture Living has certain criteria for the materials used. Your satisfaction is the most important thing. Following the criteria given:

 1. Strong

 The material We use is very strong. Mounting on a regular basis, pamakuan that fit as well as the placement of the right position. By doing so, the material is not easy to shake because of the shaking if sitting on it. Even people who are very heavy though.

 2. Durable

Teak wood is the best material for Us. This wood is famously durable and can be used for decades. We choose a wood that is old so I hold will be longer. So no need to build all over the furniture.

 3. Anti-Termite

Each of the pieces of furniture We make is coated with a specific paint. So, banishing the animals cause damage. Like termites. Furniture will not be porous. So his powers will last a long time and surely be convenient to use.

 4. The Design Of The Present

 For design, You can choose according to your taste or see the criteria contained in Our web pages. If it is less satisfactory, You can change the design or make your own. However, We also provide consulting services for a specific product.

 5. Elegant

 The shape of the furniture that is created nempunyai a modern theme so will be impressed everyone looked at her. This product is not timeless, so will not look old-fashioned, although used for a long time.

 Finishing Anja Furniture Living

Before shipping, We certainly do control on the furniture. If it feels good then it will be sent to the customer order. Thus, consumers feel happy and satisfied. Following a review about anja furniture:

 1. Controlled Products

 Product control is indeed important. This is to anticipate the items that are less than the maximum process. Each item would be shipped, We ensure the feasibility of wear. By doing so, the consumer will feel happy with the products ordered.

 2. Has Been Tested

 We also have a team of testers for products marketed. The testing includes the endurance, strength, and model of the furniture that is created. You do not need to doubt the quality of the products that We provide.

 3. Packaging The Best

The packaging here has the meaning of protection when the goods are delivered to the place of destination. We coat it with wrapping a strong but soft. The packaging is nice, products shipped more safely and protected from scratches.

 4. Maximum Results

 The best results of course We always give to the consumer. Good design of furniture and the level of comfort during use. Results according to that order. Good length, width, and height of the furniture.

 The Quality From The Best Materials

The best materials surely You will get when you buy in Anja Furniture Living. All materials used have quality SNI. Anja Furniture Living also has criteria for quality all its own. The following reviews tentang the quality provided:

 1. Quality Anja Furniture Living

Giving a benchmark of quality is something that is given by Anja Furniture Living. Benchmark is a benchmark in the manufacture of all of the furniture ordered. So, all the products made have high quality.

 2. National Quality

For shipping within the country, We use the national standard. Good manufacture, packaging, or during shipment. Shipping a close distance even between provinces. Because consumers Anja Furniture Living covers the entire country.

 3. International Quality

 For delivery to abroad also We pay attention to. Shipping out of the country needs to give beberpaa documents diigunakan. You don't need to worry. It has become Our duty to take care of it.

 Product Warranty

Materials supplied also have a warranty. Warranty We provide is aimed at satisfying the consumer. So don't worry about the product will be sent. Here are some of the warranties that You can get if shopping in Anja Furniture Living:

 1. Warranty Damage

 If an item is defective or damaged it will be given to the repair for free. However, the damage was caused by the Anja Furniture Living. Another case is if any damage is done by the consumer. The warranty does not apply.

 2. Warranty Time

 Warranty We provide is according to the time period that has been agreed by the consumer. Can be from one month to one year. The warranty also has some specific criteria. If out of the criteria, Our party is not responsible.

 3. Warranty Shipping

 If You've paid with a full, parties Anja Furniture Living will do the delivery. The cost of shipping is one package with the cost of manufacture. However, the situation in the way is the responsibility of Our party. So, no need to fear the damage.

 The advantage of the Strong Material

When using the furniture made by Us. The materials used of course quality. You will get several advantages. Such is not easily broken. Furniture that can last for years.

The next advantage is its unique and modern design. Of course, You will not feel embarrassed if you have furniture that is contemporary. Either when used alone or when relatives visit. They will feel amazed by the furniture that is created.

For the price, don't worry. Prices are fairly affordable. So, it will not make Your bag burst. Prices are comparable to the quality achieved.

Strong materials will make You satisfied with the furniture purchased. For that, do not wait any longer. Book now also furniture with top grade material in Anja Furniture Living. For booking please contact admin or come directly to Our place.

Furniture JeparaFurniture Jepara (Jepara Indoor & Outdoor Furniture), Jepara is the best furniture producer in Indonesia. One of the Jepara furniture companies is Anja Funiture Living. In this place, you can get all types of furniture with various choices with elegant and modern

Mebel Furniture Review, Anja Furniture Best Quality



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