Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice

Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice
Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice
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Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice

Car Rental Malang Surabaya

Car Rental Malang Surabaya or service the rental fleet of a particular car which is provided by the service provider of Travel services and Car Rental near your area.

Especifically in the area of malang or surabaya and surrounding areas, no need to worry if you can't find services of this kind in your area, because it is everywhere that the city of malang and surabaya there is always more than 10 service provider of travel and car rental, and any service provider that has the uniqueness of each, but to come back on you who want to use car rental services which fit your needs, do not let you choose the service provider of rental mobil malang surabaya or carter drop.

Actually all the services of car rental provider and carter drop no one is ugly, everything good, only if it does not suit your needs then it is in vain you search, customize to your condition, such as financial, distance office rental services with the location of your address, fleet options provided, and so forth.

Information about car rental services malang surabaya you can get information on a variety of sources such as the internet, from relatives, posters and advertising may also from relatives who often use the services of a car rental and carter drop, for it then no need to worry about having trouble finding information about the services of this service.

The question is then how to use the services of a car rental?? easy enough to do it, the initial steps and things you need to consider is 

  • Find as much Information as possible
  • Search Office service near your location
  • Do not book sudden
  • Don't book during the holiday season and a great day.
  • Search Services experienced more than 3 years
  • Tel direct and immediate messaging services, origin is not sudden

From the points above is the beginning step and tips so you do not get confused and choose the wrong service car rental or charter drop.

The most important thing you should hold enough information before ordering, so you don't lose, the next after ordering you should also have to understand about a car, choose a car which we want to use for the rental is our right.

Select which car sehendaknya can meet your requirement such as the number of passengers, distance and convenience, you also need to know the information about the car that will not choose the wrong fleet.

Sometimes the fleet selected is less precise because it is the lack of our knowledge of the world ototmotif, so that later it will certainly experience a loss if things happen that are not desirable such a strike because the car wasteful or machine that is not good and is not suitable to meet the needs of the purpose of your departure.

For the services of a car rental malang surabaya recommendations in the area of Malang City and the surrounding area, you can get its services in Nayfa Trans Malang Tour & Travel, why ??? yes we've had almost 4 years of live service travel and rent car malang, surabaya. 

Already a lot of customers who have subscribed to our services, well services rent car malang surabaya and other services such as travel malang surabaya, travel malang juanda dan carter drop malang juanda, fleet we have also there a lot and have a quality that is not inferior good with the services of a travel company, we have a fleet of them in the

  1. Toyota Avaza
  2. Daihatsu Xenia
  3. Toyota Innova
  4. Toyota Hiace
  5. Isuzu Elf
  6. Suzuki Ertiga

Each of the flotilla have adequate capacity between 5-6 (Avanza, Xenia and Toyota), while for large cars can accommodate 10 – 15 (Car Hiace and Elves) is back again as I've explained, select one of the fleet that should suit your needs and your comfort. Each car has its own advantages such as car innova, including car small but can accommodate more passengers than small cars such other xenia that only 5 people at the most, xenia 5 people, and the ertiga 4 people.

Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice

Jasa Sewa mobil Malang Surabaya / Rental Mobil Malang Surabaya Nayfa Trans Malang provides a variety of my best service and comfortable, for the route to the city of surabaya malang city or vice versa, use the services of a car rental service is very efficient, why? first of all, we do not need to fatigue the driver of the car because there are already of our drivers are driving, then you do not need to be confused about the route especially if you do not have or does not understand the path of Malang Surabaya or Surabaya Malang, our Drivers are very experienced for the Malang Surabaya PP, especially Car Rental service in Malang or Rental Mobil Malang Surabaya PP.

Rental Mobil Malang or car rental malang also give benefits to all of you who have a fleet may be unused or rarely used in the Home you can rent your car in perushaaan Our Car Rental,you have nothing to lose and nothing to worry about her car is damaged or dirty, because every month we do a routine service and cleaning routine.

Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice

NAYFA Trans Malang, rent car malang affordable price and the full schedule of the hub 0341 5034100 / 081 333 665 909 / 081 945 144 494. Provide car rental service in malang murah with a friendly price. With the most experienced Operators in the field as well as professional, will provide comfort and security for those of You who want to vacation in Malang with the services of a car rental in malang.

Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice

The Provisions And Facilities Hire Car Rental In Malang

1. A driver who is professional in the field.

2. New car, primed, clean and fragrant.

3. Rental rates do not include FUEL, meals for driver.

Harga sewa rental mobil malang that we provide vary according to the type of car You rent and are also adapted to the duration of the rental. Here below is the price list of car rental in malang.

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  15. Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice

Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice

Car hire All New Xenia In Malang ( 5 people )

• Car Rental New Xenia 24 Hours : Rp.450.000,-

• Car Rental New Xenia Full Day : Rp.400.000,-

• Car Rental New Xenia 12 Jam : Rp.350.000,-

Car hire All New Avanza Malang ( 5 people )

• Rental Mobil Avanza 24 Hours : Rp.450.000,-

• Rental Mobil Avanza Full Day : Rp.400.000,-

• Rental Mobil Avanza 12 Jam : Rp.350.000,-

Car rental Grand New Innova Malang ( 5 s/d 7 people )

• Car Rental Innova 24 Hours : Rp.550.000,-

• Car Rental Innova Full Day : Rp.500.000,-

• Car Rental Innova 12 Jam : Rp.450.000,-

Rental Mobil Elf Short Di Malang (10 s/d 13 people)

• Car rental Elf perday : Rp.700.000,-

Rental Mobil Elf Long Di Malang (14 s/d 18 people)

• Rental Mobil Elf Long perday : Rp.900.000,-

Car hire HI ACE In Malang (12 s/d 16 people)

• Rental Car HI ACE perday : Rp.900.000,-


To service Your Nayfa Trans Malang you can get Information on the Contact us below :

Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice

Office Phone : 0341-5034100

WA : 081333665909 / 08195144944

Work Email :

Address : Perum Griya Sampoerna Blok C3 No 3 Ampeldento Karangploso Malang

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Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice


Nayfa Tour & Travel

Office Address

Perumahan Griya Sampoerna Block C2 no. 1, Ampeldento, Karangploso, Malang, Jawa Timur

No. Tel and Whatsapp

082 330 200 031(Telkomsel)

081 333 665 909 (Telkomsel)

0341-5034100 (Flexi)

Car Rental Malang Surabaya, NAYFA Trans Right Choice

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