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Cooking classes Present in South Tangerang

Cooking classes Present in South Tangerang, the Following Reference Favorite Could be an Option

Cooking classes Present in South Tangerang, the Following Reference Favorite Could be an Option
Cooking classes Present in South Tangerang,
 the Following Reference Favorite Could be an Option (

Cooking classes Present in South Tangerang, the Following Reference Favorite Could be an Option


is a cooking school, cooking classes and cake classes which have received official permission from the Government of South Tangerang City through the Agency of investment and Integrated Services One Door with the Number 563/10-DPMPTSP/2017 About the Permit Institutions And Training Courses

Joyful is a Training Institution of Cooking professionally managed to serve anyone who want to are interested in the culinary world or who want to open a business. Chef instructor at the Joyful most of the work at the Hotel with a minimum experience of 15 years. The quality of the products and knowledge have no doubt.

Program with official certification from the government, recognized in 9 ASEAN countries. The right choice for You who want to work in a Hotel, Restaurant or open a Catering Business. There is a choice of 1-year program and Private.

​Class learning to cook by the time that You can set yourself. ​There is a program with certification BNSP and dozens of menu that can be selected or according to Your wishes.

The best option to be successful in the Culinary Business.

Made up of professionals who are experienced and understand how to succeed in this industry.

Programs that support Your company. Ranging from Team Building to a Retirement Plan for employees. We can help You.


Please select our service:

Live Cooking Class via Zoom

This is the right program to build an internal team-building, Especially in times of this pandemic, because this activity can be done by the staff while working from home.

You can plan a concept according to your needs.

Some of the concepts we often work with client corporate including:

You determine what the menu will be processed together. Each staff will receive the raw materials delivered by our team. The location of the delivery in the greater jakarta area. Live cooking through Zoom implemented in the time You specify, led by professional Chefs and materials that have been accepted previously. The results can be enjoyed after the event live cooking class takes place.

The concept is same with the explanation above, there is only the addition of food products is the result of a creation of the Chef that is included in the delivery of raw materials to the house staff in the greater jakarta area. Expected goals are, staff can enjoy a made food products Chef, in addition to later follow the live cooking with Chef that.

Retirement Plan

We have a program of Retirement Plan in the form of training of Your employees ahead of retirement in order to be ready in the Culinary business. With a budget that adjust with the needs of Your company.

Please contact us to get the benefits of the Plan of our Retirement.

Event food

We have specialization in organizing the event with the theme food. Ranging from cooking demonstrations, corporate Team Building, cooking competition, product promotion, social events etc. Many companies our clients are satisfied with our service.

Anyone of our clients?

Google Indonesia

Participants are Google Management Trainee from representatives of various countries, such as America, Singapore, Japan, Uk etc. The event form that is done in the form of a visit to the Traditional Markets in Serpong to shop ingredients right from local merchants and then learn the cuisine of Indonesia led by a local Chef and topped dinner together.

Unilever Indonesia

Shapes activities such as cooking competition group a'la Masterchef. Where any group seeking the best possible cooking of the ingredients that had been prepared without their know before. Joyful Cooking Class requested by the Marketing Team Unilever Indonesia to hold this event. This event is managed well, where the quality of unity among the team looks to be getting better.

Ana Water Indonesia

Forms of activity in the form of Sushi Class with the participants of a 100 0rang from various representatives of the travel agencies in the whole of Jakarta and surrounding areas. Located in the Westin Hotel Jakarta. This is part of a Seminar held by the ANA Air Jakarta to bring more people of Indonesia with cultural and tourist experience in Japan.

Datsun Indonesia

Here Joyful Cooking Class held cooking demonstrations healthy food for the Mom joined in the Datsun Family Community This is a big event which is supported also by the appearance of a variety of artists local singers entertaining the family of owners of Datsun.

Wardah Beauty Cosmetic Indonesia

In collaboration with Dewi Sandra Management and friends of the deaf. Joyful Cooking Class is believed to hold the event Sushi Class and iftar cir. This is a social activity which is very touching humanity, cooking with friends of the deaf in the month of Ramadan, share the excitement and hope. The event, all participants feel happy will be the event of this humanity.

Gramedia Bintaro

In order to open the building Gramedia Bintaro Jakarta the first time. Joyful Cooking Class held cooking demonstrations inspired from the book “Cooking with the Kid” the work of Chef Stephen Yophi. Participants came from various places in the area Bintaro. They are very enthusiastic to follow the cooking demo held so Gedung Gramedia Bintaro Jakarta recently opened is becoming more crowded by visitors.

Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra

Is a real form of Corporate Social Responsibility, Astra in collaboration with the Joyful Cooking Class give the training

cooking for SMES, which was founded by the mother of Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Timur. This training is very supportive of the economy of the family because the results of the cuisine made by Mothers Mother directly distributed to a convenience store such as Indomaret in the city of Mataram.

Lavon Swan City Indonesia

​In order to celebrate the opening of the new cluster. One of the leading property developers in Indonesia : Lavon Swan City, in collaboration with the Joyful Cooking Class held a "Cup Cake Decoration" Class for the visitors Lavon Swan City in Cikupa Tangerang. Visitors feel happy with this activity. What parents brought of the fruit of his heart felt comforted and happy.

Sekolah Cikal Serpong

Shapes activities such as cooking class for children. This idea originated from the desire Kindergarten Sekolah Cikal Serpong to introduce cooking activity for preschool students the School of Origin. The event begins with a demo cooking to make chocolate muffin which is then followed by a hands on make a muffin own by students Kindergarten. Results cuisine muffins made these and brought home with a goody bag that had been prepared.

Kecamatan Balaraja, Banten Province

Shapes activities such as cooking together with the mother who joined the PKK Kecamatan Balaraja. This event is done so that the mother could be more productive, can produce food products that can be sold so as to help drive the economy of the family. Joyful cooking class is proud to be part of the community empowerment in Kecamatan Balaraja Banten.

Why choose Group Cooking with Joyful?

We are very experienced in organizing Group Cooking themed food.

We can provide wide range of cookware for the purposes of Your event. Included provides a wide selection of experienced Chef for the concept of Your event.

The cost we follow the budget You have. Please specify a budget which You have been created, we will help to realize the event according to Your wishes.


This Program is designed to educate you to become a Chef.

Joyful Cooking Class has 2 options for the Certification Program:

Professional Program Class (1 year/ 100 Classes)

Professional Certification-Private (A Total Of 33 Classes)

​If You are interested for Short Course 1 x meeting, please press this link: SHORT COURSE

To Program the Professional Class 1 year and Professional Certification 33 Class including an offer to join the program On the job training for 6 months in a five star Hotel in Jakarta. (Optional - not mandatory)

The certificate issued is derived from the Badan Nasional sertifikasi profesi (BNSP) Indonesia

This Program is part of the Quality Assurance and Recognition of Competency Certification System recognized more of the 9 member countries of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nation). Those who already have the certificate is gaining recognition skills that can be worn for work and career in Singapore, Thailand, Myammar, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Philippines and Indonesia.


Is the cooking class with a menu that You can choose and study time is very flexible.

Learn to cook privat is a way of learning that is best, because the Chef teachers focus only teach 1 person only.

Students will be more quickly understood.

About Private Class

The selected Menu free.

You can also choose the menu outside of the list that we have. We will find professional Chefs who master the menu to teach You.

Students determine the day and time yourself when to learn.

Study time around 3 hours.

All of the cuisine to be taken home.

All the equipment prepared by the Joyful Cooking Class. Method Is 100% Hands On

Chef instructor has a minimum of 20 years of experience in the Industry.

If You want to learn at home. We can send the Chef instructor to come to Your location. Please contact us for more details.


We have 2 main programs for Private Class:

Regular Private Class

Certification Program (BNSP Certificate)

Regular Private Class

Class 1 x Meeting, learn the 2 recipes. Cost only Rp 2.300.000

Class 1 x Meeting, learn 3 recipes. Cost only Rp 2.800.000

Class 5 x Meeting, learn 10 recipes. Cost only Rp 11.000.000


About Us​

​We understand how a business can be successful.

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