Minimum Shipping Weight Indah Cargo, Refer To The Explanation

Minimum Shipping Weight Indah Cargo, Refer To The Explanation

Minimum Shipping Weight Indah Cargo

Delivery services getting today's diverse and competitive use in the community. Needs to be a model of service delivery trends higher, it is seen with the more complex needs such services. One of the delivery services such  Indah Cargo.

Minimum Shipping Weight Indah Cargo

Indah Cargo is a company engaged in the business of freight transport services with the aim of all Provinces and Districts in Indonesia, as well as serve the delivery of goods and documents to foreign affairs.

Today we have the almost 100% of the area the purpose of the delivery of goods in Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke. The number of operational Vehicles we reached 1,800 units, as well as our branch offices located in all the Provinces and Districts, Indah Cargo become one of the company's freight services that are taken into account in Indonesia.

The range of delivery of the goods through 6 service Land, Sea, Air, City, Courier, Railway and Trucking that we prepare as well as with our motto Transfer Fast, Quick delivery, Quick Information, make our customers more easily in determining the choice of the delivery of the goods.

Indah Cargo was founded in 2011 with the name of Indah Cargo special delivery service to all over Indonesia. 

The founder of Indah Cargo Mr. H. Arisal Aziz, is a big businessman from the city of Pariaman, District five koto Kampung Dalam, West Sumatra, which has been in business travel and freight transport since the year 2000.

With hard work, sincerity, and a desire to create jobs as well as intentions for the welfare of orphans and the poor.

The development of the company is further increased by leaps and bounds, this Time we have delivery of the goods with the purpose to all of Indonesia. 

Consideration effective and efficient, making the management decided to open a branch office in Indonesia so at the moment the number of branches we have reached 519 branches.

Increase the number of branches would also have to be balanced with the presence of professional labor, skilled and dedicated high, therefore the management decided to hire some experienced professionals in their respective fields, where the current number of employees reaches 2.880 people with supported +/- 1,800 vehicles operational.

Minimum Shipping Weight Indah Cargo, Refer To The Explanation

Minimum Shipping Weight Indah Cargo

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Indah Cargo
Minimum Shipping Weight Indah Cargo,
To The Explanation

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