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What Is 5G Technology?

What Is 5G Technology?

5G technology is poised to become the preferred mode of data communication. It is going to mark a move forward for businesses of all sizes as well as individuals. This article explains 5G and how it is changing mobile technology.

It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come from 1G, the analog cell phones of the 1980s. With 2G, messaging and voicemail were added to cell phones. Then, 3G enabled higher data transfer rates to allow web browsing, image sharing, and GPS-location tracking. The 4G we are currently familiar with is more broadband, enabling deeper web functionality on our smartphones. Yet, now there is 5G.

5G wireless, the fifth-generation mobile network, is the new global standard for wireless communications. It is meant to connect machines, objects, and devices while delivering higher quality and greater speed. Offering higher performance and improved efficiency, 5G networks are in place around the world. 

The 5G network was developed to make businesses more efficient and give consumers access to more information faster than ever before. Digital transformation will rely on 5G technology as it enables:

Remote work

Connected cars

Smart communities

Industrial IoT 

Immersive education

The transition to 5G is changing business processes too. Connectivity to a 5G network can be beneficial to your business as the technology offers:

Reliable connectivity

Expanded capacity

Increased speed

Reduced latency 

Greater security

Reliable Connectivity

More people are working remotely these days. Give your staff the tools they need to be productive at home or on the road. Setting them up with a connected laptop, such as a Dell-Verizon Connected Laptop, is a start. Yet, you’ll also need to ensure they can connect to a 5G network. This will give your users access to a reliable network and steer them away from using less secure public Wi-FI.

The wireless network operates on airwaves, which are considered low, middle, and high bands. 5G technology can operate on any of these three frequencies and has eight different 100MHz channels to move between. Compare that to 4G’s seven 20MHz channels. It means you could download that business presentation many times faster on 5G.


Expanded Capacity

5G technology offers greater capacity than ever before. Even when users are moving around, and more people (or devices) are simultaneously connected, 5G offers consistently high connectivity. That’s because 5G provides more options than even 4G did. The 5G network has wider channel access across a broader range of frequencies (the three bands discussed above).

As Verizon’s Ronan Dunne put it, “the potential of the fifth generation of wireless technology demands that we fundamentally rethink what can be done on a wireless platform.” 


Increased Speed

A big selling point for 5G is its speed. This technology is as fast or even faster than home or office Wi-Fi. Those who are doing remote work no longer have to suffer with sub-par wireless communications. Since there is expanded capacity, 5G providers can offer much broader coverage, making it possible to meet demand more efficiently. 

Better still, the business doesn’t have to pay an exorbitant amount for the 5G network plan. Data plans for 5G technology are growing more affordable as the carriers can take a more strategic approach to installing fiber optic cables rather than digging up every street.


Reduced Latency

With 5G-enabled laptops, employees enjoy an enhanced mobile experience. The greater flexibility of 5G coupled with its uniform capabilities makes it a top technology for wireless, mission-critical communications, and Internet of Things connectivity. After all, no one using a driverless car wants to risk a latency lag that slows the transfer of data packets when driving at 60 mph on the highway.

The lower latency of 5G makes smartphones and connected laptops better as well. Meanwhile, it also adds to immersive experiences via the virtual and augmented reality technology transforming business today.


Greater Security

In the past, when your employees worked remotely, they needed to use mobile hotspots or use public Wi-Fi to gain access to the company’s network. Connecting to the internet at the airport using a Wi-Fi hotspot could be convenient, but it wasn’t secure. With a 5G always-connected laptop, your business users have what they need to work remotely, reliably, and with greater security.

Those developing 5G also designed security into the technology. The built-in security controls include “new mutual authentication capabilities, enhanced subscriber identity protection, and additional security mechanisms,” which “enhance the protection of both individual consumers and mobile networks,” according to GSMA, the global mobile industry association. 


Scaling up With 5G Technology

5G technology is gaining momentum globally. The full effect is still to be seen. Yet, there is no question that 5G will be driving positive impacts for businesses in the coming years. According to Verizon’s Dunne, by 2035, 5G technology will be in a wide range of industries and potentially enable up to $12.3 trillion economic output and supporting 22 million jobs worldwide.

Small businesses can benefit from 5G technology too. With always-connected laptops, you can access near-instant access to cloud services, real-time video, and collaboration and enjoy more capacity and connectivity. 

5G Ultra Wideband is currently available in parts of 60+ U.S. cities from San Diego to New York City, Denver to D.C. Verizon also offers 5G Home Internet, the first 5G-powered residential broadband service.


What Is 5G Technology?
 What Is 5G Technology? (Source

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