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Let's Know the Definition of Digital as well as Aftech's Know the Definition of Digital as well as Aftech's Know the Definition of Digital as well as Aftech

Let's Know the Definition of Digital as well as Aftech

Understanding Digital

Digital is the depiction of a number consisting of the digits 0 and 1, or off and on (binary numbers). Digital is derived from the word Digitus, in Greek means fingers. If we count all the fingers of the people was, to a total of 10( 10). The value of 10 is composed of 2 radix, is 1 and 0. The whole system is a pc system using digital as its information base. Could say similarly as bit( binary digit).

Understanding others, digital is something electronic technology that is able to carry out storage, creating, and also process the different information that exist in 2 circumstances, is positive as well as negative. A positive state to be represented or expressed by the numbers 1 and negative to is represented by the number 0.

Get To Know Aftech

AFTECH call the meaninglessness of beliefs digital performer of digital business.

Deputy Secretary General of the IV& Head of The Personal Information Protection Task Force of the Association of Fintech Indonesia( AFTECH) and the Co - Founder and CEO of VIDA Sati Rasuanto said conviction digital( digital trust) is a matter that is fundamental to the actors of the digital business.

"For the actors of the digital industry, information is the source of life, while the essence is contained in the confidence of the digital. Beliefs digital derived to influence the sustainability of the industry," said Sati in his statement Tuesday.

Confidence and security in the digital ecosystem itself, further he was, it took escorted in the process of transformation as well as the acceleration of digital.

Cyber crime that uproar established not long ago this has been plaguing the citizens as well as result in the shrinking of the levels of confidence digital citizens. Therefore, the protection of personal information so about the means for obtaining a conviction digital.

Recently AFTECH launched a code of conduct information protection of individuals and the confidentiality of the information in the zone of tekfin. A guideline that is expected to be able to share the beliefs of digital through the protection of individual information.

The code of ethics of the information protection of individuals and the confidentiality of information, further Sati, in harmony with the Draft Law of Protection of personal Information( BILL PDP) which is currently being discussed by the government.

Since 2019, the government through the Ministry of Communication and Informatics( Kominfo) already put the BILL PDP in the National Legislation Program( Prolegnas) in the house of representatives. This regulation is expected to be the guidelines for the actors of the digital industry as well as residents on usually in wear as well as protect the confidentiality of individual information.

Sati said with the presence of regulatory control in special protection information the individual can increase the confidence of the digital.

"In conjunction with the BILL PDP again in the process of finalizing as well as the Code of Conduct Information Protection of Individuals just issued by the AFTECH, expected both of them can be a guide to the digital industry for increase your confidence digital," said Sati.

"When all parties most of the main actors of the digital business can carry out the regulation of this well definitely want to able to help increase the confidence of the digital on the conclusion would result in the development of their business," he added.

Not only that, Sati commented that one of the methods that can be tried is a security proof yourself a digital fitting. Because, theft proof yourself is the entrance to cyber crime other kind of information theft, illegal transactions, hostage digital, until the falsification of documents.

Through access management, verification and authentication of identity, as well as characterize the electronic signature certificate-based electronics, VIDA also make it easier for business partners proof protect yourself digital users as well as improve its business rapidly and effectively, so as to secure the evidence yourself digital to the threat of cyber crime can be avoided.

Let's Know the Definition of Digital as well as Aftech


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