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What did the VPS, Options Reference Sniper! What did the VPS, Options Reference Sniper! What did the VPS, Options Reference Sniper!

What did the VPS, Options Reference Sniper!

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of server that uses virtualization technology to divide the hardware of the physical server into several virtual servers hosted in the physical infrastructure of the same. In antiquity, the system administrator traditionally has only one physical server and is only used for one purpose only. While virtualization offers easy to host multiple servers on a single physical server. Each server can have its own purpose and the operating system are different from each other.

This can help to improvise the level of flexibility available to the administrator of the system in terms of the selection of the configuration of the software they can run. In addition, it can also provide significant advantages in terms of scalability of processing power (processing power), RAM, and disk space at a lower cost than using physical hardware traditional.

A VPS is a virtual server that is used to store data and files on the website. Usually, the VPS is used on the website, which requires a great resource. Because users do not need to share resources with other websites as well as on shared hosting.

This is because the VPS uses virtualization technology that divides the physical server into several different resources. With personal resources, the performance of the website of the user of this server will not be affected by the other users. 

If you want to be likened to, a VPS server is the apartment building. In one building, there are apartments with amenities of their own. Ranging from rooms, furniture, to electronic equipment in every unit. Between one unit with another does not interfere with each other, let alone scramble facilities.

Why Should an SSD CLoud VPS?

Hosting with SSD Cloud VPS is very necessary for you that requires:

The resources of a server exclusive

Access speed high

Full uptime

Features on the server that are not available in Shared Hosting

The security level of the server that high

Server operating system that is custom

Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 address

Affordable prices

Specify the Package Cloud VPS Hosting for Your Needs

Get VPS with SSD technology Cloud to make the server more secure and able to achieve 100x faster when it is accessed


 129.000 /bln

 1 GB Memory

 1 Core Processor

 30 GB SSD Disk

 Unmetered Bandwidth

 Upgradable Anytime

 FREE Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6

     X Control panel


 219.000 /bln

 2 GB Memory

 2 Core Processor

 50 GB SSD Disk

 Unmetered Bandwidth

 Upgradable Anytime

 FREE Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6

 Control Panel


 429.000 /bln

 4 GB Memory

 4 Core Processor

 100 GB SSD Disk

 Unmetered Bandwidth

 Upgradable Anytime

 FREE Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6

 Control panel

Note do not include VAT 10%

* request additional IP please contact our customer care via Whatsapp 0812 2822 2590

The function of VPS

After knowing what VPS is, You also need to know the various functions of the VPS. Here is the explanation.

1. Web Hosting

One of the functions of the VPS web hosting or a place to store the data and website files.

2. Game Server

VPS can also serve as a game server. Through a private server, You so freely do various things related to the online game.

      3. VPS as a VPN Service

A VPN is a private network that is connected to the internet. Through this network, You can hide Your identity when accessing the internet. VPN is also used to limit the access of the people of the internet network specific.

      4. Develop and Test the Application

It turns out that the VPS can also be used to develop applications, you know! Ranging from applications on your desktop, website, to the mobile platform.

      5. Data Backup

The function of VPS that last one is data backup. You may already know, all the servers are vulnerable to experiencing data loss. Either because the file is damaged, deleted, the wrong configuration, even burglarized.

When To Use a VPS?

If you already know the function of VPS, of course, You feel interested to use the services of this hosting. However, make sure You do not rashly, yes. Because the truth is not all websites should be using a VPS. Here are a few things that You need to consider before you switch to using a VPS service.

1. Website Traffic Is Too High

If your website is already getting traffic is too high. Let's say already up to the number in millions of visitors per month. Then You should immediately move to a VPS service.

2. Want to Have Full Control of the Website

Shared hosting services do not provide enough resource and full control for large companies or organizations. This makes the user usually switch to a VPS service.

3. Requires Storage Of Large Files

VPS is the right choice if You need the storage space of large files. Compared with the type of another hosting, VPS arguably offers large storage space with affordable prices.

4. Need a Server that is More Secure

Full control of the server that is owned by the VPS service guarantee the security of Your website. Storage space and bandwidth is not divided can make the server more stable and safe.

5. Have Enough Knowledge to Manage VPS

The most important thing before switching to a VPS service is to make sure You have enough knowledge to manage the VPS. Moreover, if You choose to use the type of service unmanaged VPS.

Tips for Choosing a VPS

As for tips on choosing a VPS You need to consider, among others:

1. Identify Your Needs

2.  Choice Of Operating Systems

The server operating system is another important aspect You need to consider. Generally the service provider VPS uses Windows operating system and Linux.

3. The Capacity Of Monthly Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the maximum capacity that is used to perform sending and receive data. It serves to divide the speed of data transfer that is distributed in a fair manner to all users.

4. RAM and CPU

5. Storage Space

VPS service provides a storage space large enough to store a wide variety of files. VPS does have a resource You can run multiple websites at once.

6. Find Out the Technology Used

When choosing a VPS service, You need to know what technologies are used, especially software that supports the service.

7. Security System

The next Tip in choosing a VPS is to make sure that the VPS service provider that You choose has security features that can be relied upon.

8. Root Access

Root access is a feature that is required by a developer or IT professional. The presence of root access on the server allows You to access and edit files as well as develop software in VPS.

9. Customize Budget

Before choosing a VPS service, You need to adjust to the budget that has been set previously.

VPS Managed Services

What did will help you to manage your VPS server You overall with the help of our professional team related to installation, data migration, security, monitoring 24/7, and other activities as well as consultation for free.

What did the VPS, Options Reference Sniper!

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