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High interest in studying abroad, English Academy presents solutions

High interest in studying abroad, English Academy presents solutions

The high interest of Indonesian students in continuing their education abroad leaves some important notes. Remember, school abroad is not as simple as in the country. Moreover, there is an obligation to use foreign languages.

Based on the results of a survey given to Indonesian students, 80 percent of respondents said they wanted to continue studying abroad. In fact, Indonesia is ranked 22nd in the world as the most countries send students to study abroad.

English Academy is here as a solution to this phenomenon. As an interactive online English tutoring place with Cambridge curriculum taught by professional and experienced native and local master Teachers is believed to be able to help improve the ability of students.

The Cambridge curriculum is well known and used throughout the world. Thus increasing the chances of being able to work in multinational companies or enrolling in the world's best campuses.

English Academy also offers 2 times more classes than other English courses with a flexible schedule. Students can study anywhere and anytime.

English Academy facilitates English courses for different ages. From Child students aged 7 years, to adult students aged over 18 years. But to be accepted at a foreign campus is certainly not an easy thing, especially if you want to get a scholarship. There are many preparatory steps to take.

First is time. Students will need time to qualify for registration, apply for a student visa and do other preparations. Both research and planning. Students should seek information about courses, study abroad requirements, how to apply for study abroad, or scholarships as early as possible. That way, you will have enough time to prepare everything well.

It is better for prospective students to start thinking about the majors they want to take and looking for information since the 2nd grade of high school. As for those who are preparing for S2 abroad, they must make plans to leave within the next 2 years.

Another aspect is the costs required, be it for the educational process, as well as life during school. Then documents. Students must find out what documents are needed to qualify for admission to the intended University. And the last aspect is the mastery of the foreign language of the destination country. In addition to getting a certificate, but it is also important to adjust. High interest in studying abroad, English Academy presents solutions

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